Mario M. Blanch, Esq. Has Case Dismissed Against Police Officer Who Was Bitten by Defendant’s Dogs and Then Shot Himself in the Foot

In one of the strangest cases ever handled by the office of Mario M. Blanch, Esq., a police officer sued Mario’s clients claiming that they were responsible because he shot himself in the foot causing serious injuries to his foot.  In February 2017, Officer Blum of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey responded to a call that dogs were loose on the Property and barking.  Officer Blum parked his vehicle in the driveway of the car and proceeded to exit the vehicle.  After he exited the vehicle he was attacked by the two dogs.  Officer Blum then took out his service revolver and tried to shoot the dogs.  In the process of trying to shoot the dogs, Officer Blum shot himself in the foot.  Rather than proceed to trial in the face of mounting evidence, Blum decided to dismiss his claims right before jury selection.

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