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Facing a criminal accusation, arrest, or charge can be a terrifying and life-changing experience. Your reputation is on the line which can affect your livelihood and social life. You could be facing an extended stint in jail or prison along with heavy fines, probation, and court-ordered programs. Getting and presenting an effective defense is of the highest priority as the quality of your defense can make the difference between a positive outcome or a negative one.

Pursuing the Best Possible Results Our Recent Victories
  • Boston Bombers Sister charged with drugs - charges dismissed

    The Boston Bomber’s sister was charged with possession of narcotics with intent to distribute.  After careful negotiations, Mario Blanch was able to get the charges against the client dismissed.

  • Business Suit Burglar, Caught on Video, Gets 364 days in Jail

    A man who was caught on camera burglarizing a home will receive 364 days in county jail after facing up to five years in jail for multiple burglaries.

  • Dismissed Charges Against Convicted Sex Offender
  • Order Overturned on an Appeal Domestic Violence Restraining Order
  • Family Saved From Foreclosure

    Mario Blanch was able to successfully argue that a bank breached its verbal agreement with a family and was able to save their home from foreclosure.

  • Charge Downgraded First-Degree Murder Charge
We Put the Success of Our Clients First What Our Firm Is Known For
  • Unparalleled Litigation Experience
    Our attorneys have great litigation skills and excel at cross-examinations. Attorney Mario Blanch has also successfully argued cases in the NJ Supreme Court.
  • Free Initial Consultations
    At Blanch Legal Firm, we offer free initial consultations to learn more about your case and to ensure our firm is the right fit for you.
  • Proven Track Record
    Our attorneys at Blanch Legal Firm work tirelessly to provide the best outcome for our clients. We have successfully handled thousands of cases, including appeals.
  • Caring & Devoted Attorneys
    We genuinely care for our clients and do not judge them based on their situation. We are committed to fighting for every client as if they were part of our family.

Our NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Blanch Legal Firm, we devote a large portion of our practice on criminal defense matters for clients throughout New Jersey and the New York City area. We understand the stakes in such cases and apply our best efforts using our vast experience, legal skills honed over many years and many cases, and a dedication to genuinely helping our clients succeed. Our firm has handled a number of high-profile cases and handles cases from investigation through charging, court hearings, negotiations with prosecutors, criminal trial, and even appeals. Our founding criminal defense attorney in New Jersey has argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court resulting in a positive outcome for his client. If you have been accused of a crime, you need an aggressive defender who will put forth the time, attention, and effort needed at all stages of the criminal justice process. 

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Facing criminal charges in New Jersey or New York? Contact us at (201) 257-5388 to arrange for a free, confidential consultation with a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Hudson County, you probably already know that you need to find a lawyer to represent you in court. But what exactly is the purpose of a criminal defense attorney? Ultimately, the role of a criminal defense attorney is to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive a fair and impartial trial. Their job is to represent your best interests before the judge and jury.

What a Criminal Defense Lawyer Does On a Daily Basis

Now that you understand the basic role of a defense attorney, it’s helpful to understand what their daily job looks like once they’re hired to represent an individual facing criminal charges.

Here is a list of what your defense attorneys do on your behalf:

  • Working to get you out of jail on bail if you are currently being held
  • Interviewing witnesses related to your case
  • Speaking with you to get the details of your case and what happened
  • Analyzing evidence in the case and requesting to have evidence retested if necessary
  • Reviewing the prosecutor’s case against you to get a clear idea of the charges you are facing
  • Building and developing their defense for when your criminal case goes to trial
  • Participating in the jury selection process to ensure that your jury members are unbiased and will provide a fair ruling
  • Negotiating with the prosecution to either have your case dismissed or have your charges or sentence reduced when possible
  • Negotiating plea bargains and other deals on your behalf when it’s in your best interest
  • Keeping you up-to-date on your criminal trial process and the charges against you as well as what that will mean for you in the long-run

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Not Do?

Although a criminal defense lawyer can accomplish a lot of things on your behalf, there are some things your attorney can not do for you. The role of a defense attorney does not include:

Guaranteeing the outcome of your case - No defense lawyer can promise that they will get your charges dismissed or that they can reduce your sentence; while they can fight for you and ensure you’re given every opportunity to defend yourself, ultimately decisions related to conviction and sentencing are in the hands of the judge and the jury.

Making legal decisions on your behalf - While your defense attorney will fight for you in court and make some decisions in regards to how your case is presented in court, it’s ultimately up to you whether you want to accept a plea deal, what plea you want to enter, whether you will testify, etc. Your attorney will act as a legal adviser, but they cannot make these decisions for you.

Curious about what a criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey can do for you? Call (201) 257-5388today to speak with our New Jersey defense attorney during your free initial consultation. We serve Hudson County, New Jersey, and NYC.

What Makes a Good Criminal Defense Attorney?

  • When choosing a criminal defense attorney to represent you, you should ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do they have experience representing cases like yours?
  • Do they have a record of strongly representing past clients?
  • Do they listen and express concern for the outcome of your case?
  • Are they prepared to dedicate their time and energy to your case or do they have too much on their plate?
  • Are they respectful and able to work well with the prosecuting attorney and the judge?
  • If the answer to the above questions is “yes” then you have probably found the right criminal defense attorney for your case.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

There are a number of benefits that come with hiring a defense attorney to represent you. First, you have a better chance of staying up-to-date on what is happening with your case and what decisions you will need to make. Second, you can be sure that someone else in the courtroom is looking out for your rights and fighting to give you a fair trial. Finally, you can be sure that your voice is heard in the courtroom; your attorney will advocate on your behalf.

Our Hudson County Criminal Defense Attorney Offers Free Consultations!

If you need aggressive, quality representation in your criminal defense case, call New Jersey criminal defense lawyer, Mario M. Blanch. We offer free initial consultations to prospective clients and have been representing individuals in criminal law since 2004.

Don’t hesitate! Call (201) 257-5388 now to get started with a Hudson County criminal defense lawyer.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey help me if I'm facing charges?

A criminal defense attorney in New Jersey can provide crucial assistance if you're facing charges by protecting your rights, ensuring you receive a fair trial, and advocating on your behalf throughout the legal process. They will handle bail hearings, witness interviews, evidence analysis, and negotiate with prosecutors to potentially reduce charges or sentences. Their goal is to build a strong defense strategy for you, whether your case goes to trial or is resolved through a plea deal.

How does a criminal defense lawyer in Hudson County keep me informed about my case?

A criminal defense lawyer in Hudson County keeps you informed about your case by maintaining open lines of communication, providing regular updates on the status of your case, explaining legal procedures, and discussing potential outcomes. They will also guide you through decision-making processes, such as whether to accept a plea deal or go to trial. Staying informed empowers you to make choices that align with your best interests throughout the legal process.

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